About Us

Company profile
Evergreen Timber Product Co., Ltd was established in 1965.TV cabinets were our main products at that time. Our integrated production process included veneer lamination, hot pressing,poly coating, and personalized cutting. This made us become the best cabinet supplier for both Tatung Co., Ltd.
In the early 1970s, we invested in advanced Japanese machineries to enhance our slicing, hot pressing and sanding equipment. Then was started to produce fancy plywood, exporting to the United States as well as around the world.
In order to improve international competitiveness, we applied for a bonded factory registration, and thus became a 100% export oriented factory, contributing to Taiwan’s economic take-off.
In the mid-1980s, because the local demand for factory plywood was getting stronger, we have transitioned from an export only company to focus more and more on the domestic interior decorative market. Our experience in both technology and wood knowledge has enabled us to provide high-quality decorative fancy plywood to the local market.
In 1989, we purchased a German-made BABCOCK dryer which was the world’s best wooden veneer automatic drying equipment, and we were the first company to use this dryer in Taiwan. This machine could fully retain the natural color of the wood. As a result designers began to use light-color veneer and popularized the use of light-color wood veneer.
In 1991, we once again bought an automatic splicer(from Fisher+Ruckle in Germany) and this has made hand lamination a thing of the past. Consequently, the quality of lamination was greatly improved. Up to this point, Evergreen Timber could handle wood veneer production independently from timber importing =>slicing=>drying=>splicing=>hot pressing=>sanding. We have become the leading factory to manufacture fancy plywood. Our equipment is able to meet international standards, and we are confident to satisfy the needs of any domestic and international clients.
In 2001, fireproof building materials became a future trend. After many years of development, we passed the examination and got the first notice of approval issued by the BSMI of R.O.C. in September 2001.
Evergreen Timber has become the only factory to supply fire-retardant fancy plywood in Taiwan.
In 2008, we set up a laboratory to extract free for formaldehyde, and this was certified by BSMI of R.O.C. Thus, Evergreen Timber is able to produce fancy plywood with low formaldehyde. We promise all of our production is able to meet or exceed   E1 grade.
In 2010, Evergreen Timber obtained “Green Building Materials Certificate Mark” by using environmentally friendly materials (NO: GBM0100005).